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Lolo for Drivers

  • Easy to start
  • Full visibility of earns
  • SOS-button for emergency cases
  • Support at every turn
  • Honest commission fee 
  • Accurate mapping and best route construction
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Lolo for Drivers

Lolo Driver App

The user-friendly application includes:

  • Smart assignment algorithm for you to get orders in your location
  • Detailed local mapping for flawless navigation
  • In-app chat  and passengers rating

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Lolo Driver App

What do you need to be a Lolo driver?

  • Min 3 years of licensed driving experience 
  • Smartphone or tablet with mobile internet
  • A suitable vehicle 
  • Share Lolo values
What do you need to be a Lolo driver?

How to become a Lolo driver?

  • Download the Driver App
  • Provide your details & documents
  • Get approved by Lolo
  • Get in the vehicle and start making money!

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Become a driver
How to become a Lolo driver?


  • The driver's final salary depends on the region and the work schedule.  After each trip, the driver receives payment. You can contact a local Lolo representative in your region and find out all the details about payments.

  • Lolo taxi has some age restrictions for cars: 

    • For Economy/Standard/Basic service type, preferably B-class vehicle not older than 10 years; 
    • For the Comfort-class category or Comfort service type, preferably C, D or M-class (minivan) not older than 6 years; 
    • For Business/Black service type, preferably F- or E-class not older than 4 years. This should be a 4-door vehicle seating 3 or more passengers (excluding the driver). 
    • All vehicles should be clean inside out, show no corrosion or damage, and have reasonably fresh tires. 

    The Lolo taxi office in your city can help you assess your vehicle’s fitness.

  • Lolo taxi company actively attracts passengers and motivates them to book more rides in various ways. A constant flow of new customers provides for more orders and, thus, higher payments for Lolo drivers. The smart queue system makes sure you always get orders near you. This way you can profit from more orders per shift.

  • The company takes a commission with the final order cost, depending on the city.  The commission is charged for both cash and non-cash trips and sometimes cancellation fees.

    Every driver in the system gets an account with the balance, from which payment is regularly collected according to the tariff plan. Once driver’s balance is negative, he will receive a notification and will not be able to fulfill orders until he refills the balance. 

    You can contact your local Lolo operations managers and find out the all details.

  • You should follow 3  steps: 

    • Step 1. Checking the driver profile and filling in the data correctly. 
    • Step 2. Activation information for new drivers. Lolo representative will contact you to clarify any information you’ve submitted. 
    • Step 3. Account activation time & contacting Lolo. The account activation time depends on how quickly the local Lolo manager is handling the drivers’ requests. You can contact the local Lolo representative any time after submitting your data for driver account activation.