5 rules for a first class driver

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Liza Shvyndikova

Professional driver etiquette tips: 5 simple rules

Lolo driver etiquette

What are the qualities of a good driver that will help you become customers’ favorite? What car drivers rules will bring you that desired 5-stars ratings?

The whole professional driver etiquette boils down to 5 simple rules. Let’s have a look at them!

Communicate clearly and consistently

Lolo driver communication rules

Our cultures define what politeness means. What’s seen as tactful communication in The Netherlands often wouldn’t seem so in Taiwan. However, there are some common rules for the best driver’s communication:

  • If your ride is delayed for some reason, always inform the customer via an SMS or an in-app message. Avoid calling the customers.
  • Don’t be too chatty, at least, unless the passenger starts a conversation.
  • When engaging in a conversation, avoid asking personal questions or discussing sensitive topics (politics, religion, and so on).
  • Stay respectful, whatever topic your passengers bring up.
  • Be considerate towards your customers: if they request you to turn down or up the music or the air conditioning, do so.
  • At the end of your trip, politely ask the passenger for feedback.

Keep your vehicle clean at all times

Whether you drive a car or a delivery truck for Lolo, make sure it’s neat. No clutter inside the vehicle, no month-worth of dirt on the outside. Avoid visible rust and sloppy painting work on your vehicle, too.

Make sure your tank is full enough when you’re driving people around, your engine oil is changed on time, the cooling liquid is filled up, the tire pressure is fine. While not involving the qualities of a good driver, these details do influence the overall passengers’ impression. A messy vehicle can decrease your ratings, and you really deserve better.

Stay calm, whatever happens

On the road, concentrate on driving. Don’t get distracted by your phone or the conversation. The two most essential driving rules for beginners: stay respectful to other drivers.

Don’t rush. Adjust the speed according to the wishes of your passengers. Don’t overreact, don’t honk, be considerate of other road users.

Sometimes, conflicts happen. It’s your responsibility to stay constructive, calm, and positive. Try to resolve the situation according to the Lolo guidelines provided by your manager. If things get out of control, contact your local Lolo support immediately.

Look as professional as you are

An essential part of professional driver etiquette is maintaining neat looks. Clean clothes (preferably, local Lolo’s uniform) are a must.

Besides, make sure your seatbelt is fastened and that there’s no spare set of clothes lying around in the vehicle. It’s clever to not overuse perfume, as some people are very sensitive to scents.

Crucial: follow car drivers rules at all times

Lolo completed taxi order

One of the main qualities of a good driver is to be rigorous about traffic rules. Even if a passenger asks you to exceed the speed limit or ride through a red light, don’t.

Your own safety and that of the passengers should be your all-time priority. Therefore, abide by the local traffic rules, though you sometimes know better.