Drivers’ guide on how to accept the ride

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Julia Alexeenko

How to take your very first Lolo order in the Lolo app? At Lolo, customers now have all possibilities of how to order a taxi on the phone or make an order via the app. When passengers order a ride, the application links it to the best-fitting driver. This can be you! 🥳

Now it’s up to you to accept an order when it’s right there on your smartphone screen?

Accept Lolo drivers' order

First of all, consider clients’ comments. If you can provide the service they’ve requested, it’s a match! Tap “Accept,” and you can start riding.

If you find it necessary, change the route suggested by the GPS. Sometimes passengers describe their exact location in the comments when they request a ride: check if that’s the case.

What to do after you accept the order

When you’ve accepted the order, don’t cancel it. Also, don’t ask the passenger to cancel it for you—cancellations affect your performance and the possibility to accept the rides in the Lolo app.

You can only cancel orders if unexpected technical problems occur: if your car broke down or ran out of gas. It is, though, extremely important to go on shift prepared: inspect your vehicle thoroughly and make sure it’s in good condition, has enough gas, and is ready for a ride.

It’s better not to call or message the passenger. Only do that in case of emergency, for example, if you’re delayed after you accept the order (say, there’s an unexpected traffic jam).

Tap “On the spot” exactly the moment you’ve arrived at the pick-up point.

Meet your passenger at the right rear door. Help them with their luggage, if necessary. If it’s raining, don’t forget your umbrella. 😇

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