Taxi driver requirements and rules: get ready to ride

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Julia Alexeenko

Willing to sign up to ride with Lolo’s ride-hailing services but not sure if your car or working experience are a good fit for driving for taxi company?

Here’s a basic checklist of Lolo taxi driver requirements and taxi vehicle requirements to help you out!

Ride-hailing drivers

Taxi car requirements for driving for taxi company

Lolo provides a wide range of opportunities to drivers. For instance, there are different service types you can sign up for, driving for taxi company. Depending on the service types, taxi vehicle requirements differ. Let’s have a look.

How old can the car be for taxi business?

  • 10 Years old or younger and preferably B-class for Economy/Standard/Basic service type;
  • 6 Years old or younger and preferably C, D or M-class (minivan) for the Comfort-class category or Comfort service type;
  • 4 Years old or younger and preferably F- or E-class for Business/Black service type. This vehicle should seat 4 or more passengers, excluding the driver, and have 4 doors.

There are also some extra taxi car requirements if you’re working with ride-hailing services.

Here we go:

  • Your vehicle should be clean inside out at all times.
  • The car should smell neutrally.
  • There shouldn’t be any unnecessary objects lying around in your car.
  • The car should be equipped with all the essential safety accessories required in your country. Think fire extinguisher, first aid kit, warning triangle, and so on. Not sure about your local rules and regulations on that one? Check it with your Lolo manager.
Taxi car requirements

Taxi policy for drivers of ride-hailing services

Regarding taxi policy for drivers, here are some taxi driver requirements and standards we maintain at Lolo.

Drivers should:

  • Have a valid state driver’s license;
  • Have at least 3 years of licensed driving experience;
  • Have excellent driving skills, and show confidence and competence on the road.
  • Provide the statement of conduct to the local Lolo team or prove not having a criminal record, depending on what’s required by state regulation and the service type.

Lolo’s drivers don’t wear uniforms as a rule. However, we strongly suggest wearing a professional outfit when driving for taxi company. For instance, depending on the weather, you can pick a monochromatic short- or long-sleeved shirt or a polo T-shirt, pants, or skirts in neutral shades.

Lolo branded wear

Taxi drivers COVID rules

Depending on local regulations, taxi driver COVID rules differ per country. Drivers working for ride-hailing services should always keep updated about the relevant restrictions. Your local Lolo is responsible for communicating these rules.

Generally, taxi drivers are better off wearing protective face masks to minimize the possibility of virus infection.