Lolo driver account deactivated: how to reactivate blocked account

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Julia Alexeenko

Lolo cares deeply about the quality of taxi services we provide. Drivers are the heart of Lolo, and that’s why we motivate them to do their utmost best for every customer.

Sometimes, the services provided by a driver don’t match Lolo’s expectations, so the local Lolo might reactivate driver’s account.

My driver account deactivated: why?

Deactivated driver account

The first option is that your driver’s account is suspended temporarily. This happens in several cases:

  • You let someone else use your driver account at Lolo;
  • The prices customers pay to you don’t match the prices stated in the Lolo app;
  • Any other form of fraud or suspicious activity is traced back to your driver account;
  • Your vehicle does not match the one you stated while registering with the driver portal;
  • A customer has reported any form of misconduct from your side.

Another option is that your driver account is deactivated permanently. This usually happens when the same misconduct still occurs after the warnings.

How to unblock driver account at Lolo?

If your account is suspended temporarily and you still want to work for Lolo, reach out to your local Lolo representative to get the account suspension lifted.

You cannot appeal the account suspension via the Lolo application or website.

To get the suspension removed, you need to contact the local Lolo team. Sometimes, the local Lolo representative will provide you with the requirements necessary to reactivate a blocked account. You should fulfill these requirements.

If the driver account is deactivated permanently, you still can contact the local Lolo representative to see what can be done.