Branding a taxi car: how to do taxi ads righ

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Julia Alexeenko

Branding a taxi car seems unnecessary, especially for self-employed drivers. However, think twice! Branding a taxi car is one of the most powerful tools of taxi advertising. Why so?

Why and how to use taxi cars for branding?

Well, there are several clear benefits of taxi advertising.

Raising brand awareness by branding taxi cars

Raise Lolo taxi awareness

Especially for new players in the market, having branded vehicles pays back really quickly in higher brand awareness.
While branding a taxi car with a car wrap is never very expensive, it immediately makes your vehicles recognizable in the street view. Your potential clients see hundreds of vehicles a day passing by. If your vehicle differs from the gray traffic mass, it’s already a win. If the wrap of the vehicle states the brand’s name clearly, it’s advertising.

Higher brand awareness results in higher clients’ 

As soon as we see something often enough, our brains get used to this image and tend to read it as positive. People are sense-making animals, right? So we often develop strong preferences for companies, brands, or images just because they’re familiar to our eye. It’s called the mere-exposure effect, and this simple psychological trick makes branding a taxi car extremely effective advertising for taxis.

Car wraps contribute to instant recognition. Anytime a potential client is minding their own business around the town, they can be reminded about your taxi service. They’ll think of it the next time they’ll need reliable transportation. And then they won’t need to squint on the road, looking for the taxi — because your car stands out.

Besides, people generally respond more positively to non-intrusive advertising such as branding a taxi car, because it doesn’t disturb the natural flow of going around their business.

Elevating the professional looks

Lolo branded cab

The benefits of taxi advertising through car wraps go further than effective branding for taxis. It also contributes to coming across as a professional service provider.

Especially newcomers in the market need to powerfully state their presence. Being professional in all communication expressions is key. And branding the vehicles is just one of the ways to give your potential customers a strong first impression of how seriously you treat providing high-quality services.

On top of that, vehicle taxi advertising wraps are actually good for the taxi car, as they do their fair share of protecting the paint. One can easily replace the damaged wrap without throwing money at repairing the paint itself.

Long story short, a branded vehicle has more chances to grab people’s attention and persuade them your ride-hailing services are top-notch level.

Financial perks of branding a taxi car

Branding a taxi car is basically like having moving ads all over the city. Eye-catching vehicle wraps are cheaper than billboards, TV or radio commercials—and are definitely more efficient than advertising in print.

Yet another advantage of taxi advertising through vehicle wraps is that you only pay once. A well-made wrap design will serve many years, unlike any other type of offline advertising.

In terms of the effectiveness of taxi branding and marketing, branding taxi cars is a great way to boost your branding efforts without exhausting the budget.

Effectiveness of taxi branding for Lolo drivers

Effectiveness of taxi branding for Lolo drivers

The Lolo partner in your country is very interested in getting all cars branded in Lolo colors. However, every driver has their own preferences and opinions.

In most cases, Lolo drivers are offered various bonuses for having their cars branded. Branding your car gives you a professional appearance and thus an edge in the competition with drivers from other companies. However, it’s your decision to make. Check out the policy for branding a taxi car with your local Lolo.