Challenges of ride-hailing service: why we love issue reports

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Julia Alexeenko

At Lolo, we always appreciate customers telling us about any problems or challenges of ride-hailing services we provide. We always take customer feedback very seriously—because it helps us improve our services for you.

We gather feedback on problems faced by taxi company on three levels.

Problems faced by taxi company reported by customers

Passengers know the pros and cons of ride-sharing like no other. We appreciate every piece of information on what can be improved in terms of how the Lolo application works, the services provided, and the availability of particular service types.

The more our global Lolo team knows about the challenges of ride-hailing services provided by Lolo locally, the more we can do to refine your experience with Lolo.

Taxi customer service

So don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s a problem.

Local Lolo reporting problems faced by taxi company

Lolo local taxi companies are also welcome to share their ride-hailing problems and solutions with global Lolo and with each other. This helps the Lolo team keep up high standards of service provided in all countries.

At Lolo, we use feedback on problems faced by taxi company locally to learn from experience and find out better ways to be your first-choice ride-hailing provider.

Challenges of ride-hailing services signaled by drives

Ride-hailing problems and solutions

Drivers usually see the other side of ride-hailing problems and solutions than passengers. They are an essential source of feedback that Lolo needs to keep improving.

This is why we always encourage drivers to tell their local Lolo about the problems faced by taxi company. The local Lolo can solve some of these issues.

The global Lolo takes care of larger challenges of ride-hailing services, like adding new features to the application, making things work quicker, you name it.

Long story short, at Lolo, we urge you to report any challenges of ride-hailing services—simply because your feedback helps us to be your best ride-hailing service. 😇