Get a taxi fare refund: Lolo terms of refunds in 3 easy steps

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Julia Alexeenko

What to do if you’re charged the wrong amount for your trip? Even with the most exquisite quality booking application, these things happen. Fortunately enough, this doesn’t happen often. 😇
Even though the average taxi fare per mile at Lolo is very affordable, just leaving your money to the company isn’t the way. That’s why reaching out for the taxi fare refund is made easy at Lolo.
Let’s have a look at how to get a refund for taxi fare when you’re charged the wrong price.

Contact local Lolo taxi customer service

Lolo contact center

The first step in getting a taxi fare refund is to contact the local Lolo.
You can reach the taxi customer service via the local Lolo’s social media pages (just send a DM), email, or by simply calling their hotline.
Ridelolo website also has all the contact information of local Lolo services listed.

Just in case. 🙂

Explain your situation

The local Lolo taxi customer service will need all the information about what happened to process the taxi fare refund and get your taxi money back to you.
One of the conditions for refunds is that the taxi customer service will need to see a proof of your account being charged. So it’s handy to have the bill from the mischarged trip.

Lolo taxi customer service

In case the wrong charge occurred after there was a technical problem in the Lolo booking application, please, describe the exact problem.
In case you’ve paid cash, to get a taxi cash refund, you need a receipt. If you’re paying your trip in cash to the driver, always ask for a receipt to make an eventual refund of the cost of taxi fares possible. Especially if you’re using Lolo in a foreign country.

Local Lolo will solve the problem

Taxi fare refund

Yep, it’s that easy. If it was a cashless payment, expect your funds to be returned as soon as the local Lolo has processed your complaint.
The exact taxi refund time varies depending on your bank and some other factors. Your local Lolo taxi customer service should specifically communicate the terms of refunds with you.
For a taxi cash refund, the local Lolo will find the most convenient way to refund.
All done, you’re fabulous! We can now Ride. Explore. Act. again!