How to tip a cab driver: easy Lolo guide

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Julia Alexeenko

Getting your rides with Lolo every now and then, you might be asking yourself: how much to tip the driver? Do you even need to leave tips when using a ride-hailing app? 
Here are three simple rules to go around driver tips for ride-hailing.

Tip drivers when they work well

Drivers tips

The rule of thumb is pretty simple. Did your Lolo driver do a good job? Tip them! Drivers tips really show them your appreciation. The driver will be happy. 
Especially when a driver is particularly helpful, drivers tips are welcome. Not that drivers don’t get paid enough to make a living. Just as with waiters, your tips are more of a compliment. Besides, when a driver really goes that extra mile for your comfort, why not reward them? 
Good to know: Lolo app never deduces tips automatically. It’s always your choice whether and how much to tip the driver.

Best tips amount for the taxi drivers

Now, how much to tip taxi driver? We’d say any amount is welcome. However, there’s something of a code of conduct, of course. 

  • 10% of the trip total is considered the best tips amount for the taxi drivers for a regular, good ride.
  • Is your trip total less than $10 (or a local equivalent of it), and you want to leave drivers tips? Tip a round amount anyway (like a dollar instead of 60 cents).
  • Tip according to the quality of service you’ve experienced. Nobody wants to reward poor service, right? Did the ride exceed your expectations? It’s lovely to leave around 15-20% drivers tips.
  • Was the ride not good at all? Don’t tip the driver. You can also leave a driver review in the app.
Rate the taxi ride

Drivers tips in cash? Sure thing!

How to tip a cab driver: in cash or through the app? Both ways, the money goes to the driver directly. The Lolo app makes it easy for you to leave drivers’ tips right in the app if you prefer not to carry cash around. 
But that’s totally up to you. Sometimes paying cash is the only option. In this case, the best way to tip your driver is to just round up the trip price (for example, make it $15 for a ride that costs $13.40). 
Many ride-hailing drivers don’t carry cash around for safety reasons. So rounding up your trip total will also make life easier for everyone. 
Drivers’ tips etiquette differs depending on the local traditions and many other factors. Make sure you do what suits you best. And have a great ride!