How do you benefit from app-based ride-hailing?

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Liza Shvyndikova

Ride-hailing algorithm for more efficient rides

Ride-hailing apps work with high-tech solutions to match drivers and clients more efficiently. The ride-hailing algorithms make precise geolocation and better routes possible.

As a rider using ride-hailing apps, you don’t need to wait on the phone until you’re matched with a driver who is kilometers (or miles!) away from you—which was the sad reality of traditional taxi services. Neither do you ever need to call the driver to specify where the exact pick-up location is. The rider application is handy and easy to use and provides precise geolocation services.

It’s also nice to know that with algorithmically calculated routes, your driver earns more and spends less time waiting for new clients.

Ride-hailing services offer lower prices

Thanks to the higher efficiency, ride-hailing services offer lower prices—it’s just that simple. Because the vehicles are utilized better, one of the most striking differences between ride-sharing and traditional taxis is fairer pricing, even for long rides.

Besides, the routes are calculated the moment you place an order, so there are never funky surprises as to the price of the ride. You know what you’re going to pay and choose the most convenient way to do this (cash, card, and other options depending on the ride-hailing app itself). And, of course, there are regular discounts for loyal clients.

What about booking rides in peak hours or outlying city areas? The ride-hailing app’s algorithm allows much more precise pricing than traditional taxi companies would provide. Add to this generally higher quality of services of car ride-hailing versus traditional taxi. All in all, riders benefit from both higher comfort and reliable, transparent pricing.

App-based ride-hailing is safe & reliable

As we’ve just discussed, with ride-hailing services, your order is never in danger of being declined because the pick-up or drop-off address is too far from the city center. While traditional taxi companies frequently refuse rides from suburban areas, it’s not the case with ride-hailing apps because the ride-hailing algorithm can always find a way to optimize such a ride for both drivers and passengers.

Yet another benefit of ride-sharing is providing clients more safety compared to traditional taxi services. Ride-hailing apps feature SOS buttons, driver ratings, client support—all to make your trips as safe as possible. And the drivers are thoroughly trained to be correct, helpful, and polite. With a traditional taxi company, there’s always a chance to get a ride with a reckless driver. This is rarely the case with ride-hailing apps, where ratings matter a lot to drivers.

Flexibility every time you need it

With a well-designed ride-hailing app, you decide what kind of services you need. A child seat? Extra luggage space? Female driver? Not a problem! Probably the biggest ride-hailing and taxi difference is that with ride-hailing apps, you can get what you want at the moment, with no unpleasant surprises.

And the best is yet to come!

The ride-hailing industry develops rapidly, always trying to follow the freshest global mobility trends. It means higher personalization of the services—but there’s more. Ride-hailing services often realize the importance of working for the greater good.

Many ride-hailing companies work on compensating the ecological footprint, introducing electric vehicles and CO2-neutral delivery, empowering local communities through volunteering and donating money, fostering inclusivity and diversity, and much more. Among all the benefits of ride-sharing, this might be the most future-proof one.

So hop on, let’s have a ride to a better future!