Why are seat belts important and life-saving?

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Julia Alexeenko
lifesaving value of the seat belts

There are three simple reasons proving the importance of wearing a seatbelt.

Importance of wearing a seatbelt: safety

Why do we need to wear seat belts in a moving car? The main reason is safety. The belt can save your life in case of a car accident.

Not buckling up can cause being totally ejected from the vehicle in case of a car crash. You shouldn’t risk your life ever, no matter if you’re riding in the front or in the back seat.

The lifesaving value of the seat belt is equally high for the passengers in the back and the front of the vehicle.

Always buckle up children in an age-appropriate child seat. Carefully consider the head and shoulders positioning of the child. Check the tightness of the straps, too.

Child seat safety

In case your Lolo cab doesn’t have the child seat fitting your kid, please, report it to the local Lolo support.

Why is it important to wear a seatbelt? Because of the law!

Seat Belt Safety for taxi passengers

Wearing a seat belt is required by law. Yes, in every country in the world.

In some jurisdictions, taxi drivers are exempted from wearing seat belts for safety reasons. Even if your taxi driver doesn’t wear their seat belt, you should.

Seat belt safety for taxi passengers is required by law in all countries. 

Airbags can’t do all the work!

Airbags aren’t enough to protect a human body from damage in case of an accident.

One of the 5 facts about seat belts: they’re designed to complement airbags. Accordingly, you can’t rely on the protective power of the airbag alone.

In fact, one of the reasons why are seat belts important is that they hold our bodies back in case of an emergency, so that hitting the airbag won’t be too hard.

Long story short, there’s no reason whatsoever to avoid wearing a seat belt. Make sure you know how to wear seat belts properly depending on your body complexion and medical conditions (if any).